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From January 1 – 31, we want to see you and your team stomping the pavement. We also want to see at least 31 kilometres on your calendar at the end of the month, but get more people to join you because we will reward the office that has the most kilometres walked at the end of the month with Starbucks gift cards. Bond with your team, while encouraging healthy habits!

Don’t be discouraged if you have a small team. We will calculate the average kilometres per person at the end of the challenge to make it fair.


  1. Must achieve a minimum of one kilometre walked per weekday.
  2. Kilometres accumulated throughout the entire day count. We are not limiting this to a specific time of day.
  3. Must record all participants and kilometres walked on the Walking Challenge Calendar.
  4. Must email the completed calendar to by the end-of-day February 1st.

Tips to Track Activity

  • Use wearables like the Apple Watch or Fitbit
  • Download a fitness tracker like Google Fit, which will automatically track your steps and kilometres

Tips to Track Use Calendar

  • Post this calendar in a shared space and put up a sign-up sheet next to it to recruit your team. Assign a colour to each team member and have them record their daily kilometres in their colour on the shared calendar.
  • Alternatively, each team member can print out their own calendar and track their kilometres individually.

Download the calendar and recruit your team now! Do you have any questions? Contact

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