The BCCA Employee Benefit Trust team is a group of fun-loving people who take their work seriously. Our goal is to ensure employees in the construction industry are looked after by providing comprehensive benefit plans. We’re growing and always looking for people who may fit with our culture. Want to know if that sounds like you? Read our mission, vision and values.


Arthur Chung

Chief Executive Officer

About Art

Arthur joined the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust in October 2009 as Vice President of Operations. In 2016, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him over 25 years of extensive experience in the employee group and individual healthcare benefits industry, having held numerous senior positions. His unwavering focus and passion are dedicated to the well-being of the Trust’s membership.

Prior to his tenure with the Trust, Arthur held esteemed designations as a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Professional in Human Resources, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

When he’s not engaged in his dedicated work at the Trust, Arthur finds enjoyment in spending quality time with his wife, enthusiastically cheering for their three boys during soccer matches and swim meets.


Colleen Cadez

Vice President

About Colleen

Colleen has provided our clients with exceptional customer service and attention since 2011. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors in Political Science and a minor in History; and through networking, she found herself immersed in the world of insurance. She eventually came to the Trust and felt she was a perfect fit since the atmosphere reflected her own personality – supportive, helpful, and friendly.

Armed with a positive attitude and welcoming personality, Colleen is here to help if you want a change in your plan or need suggestions on how you can tailor your plan to fit the needs of your employees. And she can do it in Portuguese too!

Colleen’s “sunshines” in life include her family and friends – anything that her children do will make her smile and glow with pride. In her spare time, she also enjoys baking pastries and treats for her boys and daughter.


David Main

Director of Finance & Administration

About David

David embodies the classic image of an accountant – a portrait of seriousness and analytical prowess, complete with an ever-ready sharp pencil tucked away “just in case.” Yet, beneath this professional veneer, he occasionally surprises us with insightful and genuinely humorous one-liners that catch us off guard and leave us in stitches!

When it comes to his personal interests, David remains somewhat enigmatic, preferring to maintain his ‘accountant’ persona. However, the keen observer might spot him pedaling to work on his bike during the summer months, hinting at a hidden facet of his multifaceted personality.


Stephen Dang

Director of Business Development and Partnerships

About Stephen

Stephen brings 17 years of dedicated experience to the insurance industry, with a diverse background that includes various roles before becoming a valuable member of the BCCA EBT team. Before entering the insurance field, Stephen pursued a career as a Kinesiologist, where he played a pivotal role in aiding individuals on their journey to recovery and restoring their quality of life. Today, his unwavering passion lies in supporting people on their path to well-being and promoting a culture of health and wellness.

At the core of Stephen’s philosophy are two guiding mantras: “treat others as you would like to be treated” and “do what is right even when it is difficult.” These principles serve as the moral compass for all his endeavors and align seamlessly with the values upheld by the BCCA EBT.

Hailing from the vibrant lower mainland, Stephen embraces the best of British Columbia’s offerings. He finds joy in the great outdoors and embraces the time-honored tradition of expressing mild dissatisfaction with the ever-changing weather, a sentiment shared by many in the region.


Joanna Chui

Operations Practice Lead

About Joanna

Joanna joined the Trust in July 2010 as the Team Lead of Operations.

Joanna began her employee benefits career in a national pension and benefits consulting firm in 2001. Well versed in various areas of operations from day-to-day administration, client service and consulting, quote and renewal production, process/procedure setting, strategic business planning, her experience led her to a role where she led a multi-function team consisting of underwriting, finance and communications.

Prior to working in employee benefits, Joanna spent three years quantifying the economic damages when wages or profits were interrupted by the negligence of others. This involved preparing economic reports for lawyers or insurers for use in court. These included calculating non-pecuniary losses such as the loss of income, loss of dependency, loss of housekeeping capacity and out-of-pocket cost when somebody is disabled.

Joanna’s strengths lay in her comprehensive approach, her relationship-building skills, and in her operational infrastructure development/implementation. A dynamic and motivated leader, Joanna brings a diverse and comprehensive range of benefits administration knowledge to the BCCA Employee Benefits.

Outside of work, Joanna enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She claims her daughter is the cutest person in her world.


Laura Bonney

Client Consultant

About Laura

Laura’s journey into the insurance world began during her high school years in Winnipeg, where she worked part-time with the guidance of her mother. Following her graduation, Laura took the leap into a full-time role and relocated to Vancouver in 2009, where she continued to carve her path in the industry. Over the years, she has honed her expertise by collaborating with various departmental teams and clients, earning certifications as a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) Primer and a Fellow and a Life Management Institute (FLMI) Level 1 Certificate. Today, she brings her wealth of experience, knowledge, and a profound passion for helping people to the Trust.

Known for her compassion and caring nature, Laura seamlessly fits into the world of insurance. If she could have her way, she would strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to the opportunities and quality of life that Canada offers. Laura draws her motivation from the kindness and authenticity of people from all corners of the globe.

When Laura is not immersing herself in the insurance realm, she indulges in the natural wonders of British Columbia, often accompanied by her faithful companion, Charley, the puppy. If she opts for an indoor retreat, you’ll likely find her engrossed in a Netflix binge of crime shows.


Aly Rehmat

Associate Consultant

About Aly

Aly embarked on his journey with the Trust in 2017, assuming the role of Client Consulting and Development Associate. His affinity for the realm of employee benefits stemmed from a familial connection, with his parents deeply rooted in the insurance industry. Moreover, it aligned seamlessly with his educational background and personal passion for enhancing people’s well-being. Aly finds inspiration in the profound impact he can make in the lives of countless individuals each day.

Aly proudly holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration from UBC, a testament to his commitment to fostering healthcare excellence. He currently resides in Coquitlam alongside the love of his life and their cherished son and daughter. Beyond his family commitments, Aly is an active volunteer within the Ismaili community, an ardent Seahawks fan during Seattle games, and an annual beach enthusiast, with Hawaii serving as his preferred tropical escape.


Peagle Mathew

Client Consulting & Development Coordinator

About Peagle

Peagle returned to the Trust in the fall of 2022, assuming the role of Client Consulting & Development Coordinator, where her responsibilities include supporting the team with quotes and plan design amendments.

Prior to her involvement in the benefits industry, Peagle contributed her talents to diverse projects and collaborated with teams across regions and countries in the banking and finance sector. She spent three years in London, where she immersed herself in event planning and marketing for a major bank. Her journey intersected with the insurance industry when she relocated to Canada two years ago, joining Dehoney Financials as a Benefits Coordinator. This experience has been a rich learning opportunity, and Peagle remains committed to evolving her expertise in the dynamic world of employee benefits.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Peagle is an avid traveler, a dedicated reader, and a curious explorer of different cultures. She cherishes moments spent with friends and family. In her leisure time, you’ll often find her engrossed in binge-watching variety shows and dramas on Netflix or taking tranquil walks by the river.


Citlalli Gonzalez

Client Consulting & Development Coordinator

About Citlalli

Citlati embarked on her insurance journey in 2021, venturing into the realm of life insurance with one of Canada’s foremost insurance powerhouses. Prior to her Canadian endeavor, she honed her craft as a business administrator and human resources maven, finding fulfillment in guiding individuals through the multifaceted stages of the employee cycle, with a particular affinity for fostering engagement and optimizing benefits.

Academically adorned, Citlati proudly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Economics, where her passion for math and processes flourished.

Beyond the boardroom, Citlati finds solace in exploration. Whether she’s traversing new landscapes, lounging on sun-kissed beaches, communing with nature on camping expeditions, conquering rugged trails on invigorating hikes, or delving into the depths of captivating literature, she embraces each moment with zeal. Yet amidst her adventures, Citlati’s heart finds its truest joy in the warmth of family and friends, cherishing every moment shared in their company.


Anna Cue-Wiechers

Manager, Finance and Administration

About Anna C.

Anna joined the Trust in February 2023, assuming the role of Manager, Finance, and Administration. She had previously worked in the Health and Benefits industry, starting in 2018 in an actuarial consulting capacity. However, she recently decided to switch to the accounting field and joined the Trust to merge her passion for accounting and healthcare.

Anna’s strengths include a strong, analytical, detail-oriented mindset with a commitment to ensuring member satisfaction at every experience level. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Victoria and a Diploma in Accounting from UBC. Her commitment to continuous learning and self-growth is exemplified as she is currently pursuing her CPA designation.

Outside her professional pursuits, Anna enjoys spending her time outdoors hiking, camping, paddleboarding, playing tennis, etc. She currently resides in Kitsilano, which allows her to enjoy the beach year-round.


Tracy Lam

Team Lead, Client Services

About Tracy

Since Tracy’s arrival at the Trust in September 2010, she has consistently demonstrated her prowess as one of the foremost customer service representatives in the insurance industry.

Her professional journey commenced as a dental receptionist engaged in data entry for dental claims. Motivated by a thirst for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to excellence, she undertook extensive training in adjudicating dental and extended health claims. Tracy’s path eventually led her into the insurance sector, where she adeptly tackled the complexities of resolving claim issues and addressing inquiries related to benefits eligibility. Her expertise extended to guiding and training new team members in the intricacies of claims adjudication.

With more than two decades of invaluable experience and expertise, Tracy is celebrated for her innovative thinking, unwavering dedication, and an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences for our clients. Her innate understanding of our clients’ needs allows her to collaborate effectively, keeping systems up-to-date, offering solutions, and promptly addressing queries.

Beyond the confines of the office, Tracy finds solace and joy in the embrace of her extensive family. When she isn’t indulging in chick flicks, you’ll discover her enjoying TV shows and movies in the company of her loving husband and two children.


Shellie Borden

Team Lead, Client Services

About Shellie

Shellie became a valuable member of our Client Services team in August 2021. Her journey in the insurance industry commenced in 2016, following several years of diverse professional experiences, including roles as a Certified Dental Assistant, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, and Education Assistant. Shellie thrives on embracing new challenges and derives great satisfaction from assisting others to achieve the most positive experiences possible.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Shellie’s heart lies with Hornby Island, BC, her favorite ocean destination, which has held a special place in her heart since the late 1970s. While at home, you’ll often find her either indulging in leisurely moments on the couch or exploring the picturesque local river trails in the company of her family and beloved Bernedoodle, Juno.


Catherine Lau

Client Services Associate

About Catherine

Catherine embarked on her journey with the Client Services team in February 2023, bringing a fresh perspective to the insurance and benefits arena. While she may be new to this industry, her expertise in customer relations is well-established. Originally driven by a passion for Hospitality and Tourism, Catherine charted a unique path by dedicating herself to several non-profit organizations over the years, consistently extending a helping hand to those in need.

In her leisure hours, Catherine finds joy in the culinary arts, delighting in the art of baking and experimenting with new recipes. Her husband enthusiastically plays the role of her #1 taste-tester, a position he proudly holds! Together, they nurture dreams of traversing the globe and fulfilling a shared bucket list item – attending the 4 Grand Slams of Tennis.


Natasha Vieceli

Client Services Associate

About Natasha

Natasha became an invaluable member of our client services team in February 2023, bringing with her an impressive 15-year track record of exceptional customer service in diverse settings.

Throughout her career, Natasha has predominantly focused on disability management, where she held front-line positions dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service. Now, she has transitioned to a new facet of the insurance industry, adding a wealth of expertise to our team.

Hailing from Australia, Natasha shares a love for travel and the exploration of British Columbia’s picturesque landscapes alongside her loyal companion, Pippin. During her leisure hours, you’re likely to find her engrossed in true crime mysteries and channeling her creative spirit through the art of cross-stitching.


Jane Gallagher

Executive Assistant

About Jane

Jane is our dedicated Executive Assistant, offering invaluable support to our CEO and Board of Trustees since her arrival at BCCA Benefit Trust in September 2015.

Jane’s distinct Australian flair infuses a unique charm into the office, often playfully bewildering her colleagues with her colorful Australian slang, which she affectionately refers to as “Aussie-isms.” Her professional journey spans both her homeland in Australia and her current home in Canada, where she has cultivated her expertise as an Executive Assistant over the years. Jane’s organizational prowess stands out, and her skills have found a meaningful purpose here at BCCA Employee Benefit Trust. In her role, she delivers comprehensive executive support to the CEO and Board of Trustees, setting a high standard for efficiency and policy creation that inspires other departments.

Beyond the confines of work, Jane maintains an active lifestyle, indulging in pursuits such as snow skiing, bike riding, and kick-boxing. Her adventurous spirit is also evident in her well-traveled life, where she has gained invaluable education and life experiences from exploring the world. Jane is a fervent advocate for continuous learning and finds immense satisfaction in achieving personal goals she sets for herself.


Maycon Herbert

Communications & Marketing Lead

About Maycon

Maycon became an integral part of the Trust in August 2022, assuming the role of Communications & Marketing Lead. With an extensive career spanning over 9 years in marketing, coupled with four years as a sales and business development manager in various industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Maycon firmly believes that effective communication and marketing are not only essential components of a thriving business but also the cornerstone for fostering robust relationships between the company and its members. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his educational background, which includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a certificate in Brand, Product, and Service earned in 2013. Furthermore, he augmented his qualifications with a Post-degree Diploma in Commerce and Business Administration from Douglas College.

Outside of the professional realm, Maycon finds solace and rejuvenation in the gym, a sanctuary where he releases the stresses of adult life. At home, you’re likely to discover him either savoring a glass of wine and indulging in TV show marathons on the couch with his wife or embarking on invigorating walks with his spirited canine companion, Freddy.