Optional Life Insurance

Additional life insurance coverage, which is over and above the basic life insurance coverage provided through your benefit plan, is available for purchase through your employer.

To Apply

Complete the Canada Life Evidence of Insurability form (select Optional Life) and have your employer forward the original to our office. Coverage is effective on the date the insurer approves the application. You and your employer will be notified in writing.


Coverage is available in units of $50,000, up to a maximum of $250,000. Insurer approval of medical evidence is required for this coverage. An employee or their spouse can apply at any time, provided the employee has satisfied the waiting period applicable to their group.


This coverage is optional, so premiums are 100% paid by you, the employee. Please ensure your payroll is adjusted accordingly.


Coverage terminates at the age of 65 or earlier retirement, whichever comes first. You can also terminate your coverage at any time by emailing us.

Payroll Deductions

Deductions should start on the first of the month coincident with or following the date the insurer approves your (or your spouse’s) application.
Do not commence payroll deductions until you receive the letter confirming approval of coverage.


The beneficiary for any spousal optional life benefit amount is automatically the employee. The beneficiary for any employee’s optional life benefit can be designated by the employee on their original Canada Life of Insurability application form and if required, changed using the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust Change form.

Note: If the beneficiary is a minor, you must appoint a Trustee using Canada Life ’s Trustee Appointment form.

Premium Rate Calculation Example

Below is how the premium rate is calculated for an individual age 38 years, female, non-smoker,  who is approved for coverage of $200,000.

=$200,000 X $2.26/$50,000 = $9.04 per month


Age Male Female
Under 35 $5.66 $2.26
35 – 39 $6.22 $3.39
40 – 44 $10.18 $5.66
45 – 49 $18.67 $10.18
50 – 54 $31.67 $16.40
50 – 54 $53.73 $24.89
50 – 54 $71.83 $29.98


Age Male Female
Under 35 $2.83 $1.70
35 – 39 $3.39 $2.26
40 – 44 $5.09 $3.39
45 – 49 $10.18 $5.66
50 – 54 $18.10 $9.05
50 – 54 $33.37 $14.71
50 – 54 $48.64 $18.10