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Help your team members with financial stress

Mental health problems are three times higher among people who have debt. And since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, 5.5 million Canadians faced unemployment or had their hours significantly reduced. For some, this stress and uncertainty around their financial future can be challenging to confront whereas for others simply thinking about it can be debilitating. That’s why we’re working with Canada Life and the Credit Counselling Society to help your employees manage their expenses, understand the cost of their habits, and set goals for their finances. The goal is financial wellness.

How it works

Your employees can connect with accredited counsellors by phone, in person, or through online chat. Through confidential conversations, they’ll get information and guidance to help them make informed decisions about their finances. Employees will receive the following tools during their confidential calls with a counsellor:

  • A budget
  • Financial advice based on their situation
  • Tips to bring their budget in line with their goals
  • An action plan
  • Referrals to other services, if needed
  • Follow-up appointments and reviews

If they need help with debt repayment and settlement, it’s available for a reduced fee of $25, paid by the employee. Counsellors can help with any size of the debt.
Whether it’s $2,000 or $200,000, no amount of debt is too low or high to get information and create a plan.

Help is a phone call away

Share this information with your employees and let them know they can call 1-888-527-8999 to speak with a counsellor.

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