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Last Saturday (September 10th) was the World Suicide Prevention Day. And it is super important to talk about, shares the message and understand how this is linked to mental health.

What is mental health?

Mental health refers to your psychological state and emotional well-being. It affects the way we feel, act or think.
Mental Health is critical in all stages of life of any person. Without balanced mental health, a person could have more conditions of risk for diseases such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

Why is Mental Health important in the work environment?

As mentioned, September 10th was the World Suicide Prevention Day, which is super important for the construction industry because, accordingly to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the extraction and construction industry has the highest rate compared to other sectors by occupational group.

Why are the causes of the construction industry have the highest suicide rate?

  1. Alcohol consumption and drugs in general among construction workers are considerably high.
  2. Men in society tend not to ask for help when it is necessary.
  3. Construction workers do not have a balance life cycle. In addition, sometimes they are away from their family and friends for weeks or months.
  4. Instability of work and unemployment cycle.
  5. Some workers have injuries; sometimes, those injuries are self-treated with drugs and alcohol. We also have a post that only talks about the substance problems in the industry:

How to prevent suicide in the construction industry?

Suicide overall was the 9th cause of death in 2021 in Canada among men and is higher in the construction industry.

Communicating the problem on your job site and sending online resources could be an excellent tool for more information and creating employee awareness.

We do offer resources precious to our members. Here are the resources we provide:

  • MindBeacon: MindBeacon is a mental health tool you can access from the comfort of your computer. Three programs are offered through MindBeacon: self-guided Stronger Minds, text-based therapy guided by a counsellor, and one-on-one live therapy with a therapist of your choice.
  • Alavida: The ALAViDA TRAiL Hello Program supports adults 18+ struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues. The program combines the ALAViDA app and therapy (and medication, if appropriate) to help individuals struggling with substance abuse issues. You start by completing a self-assessment. After completion, you will work through a 20-week program called the ALAViDA TRAiL Hello Program.

This program is right for you if you’re looking to gain control over alcohol or substance abuse or want to be proactive about your health.

For more information:

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