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Loneliness has been a cause for concern for some time now, but even more during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all felt it to a degree and understand how it can negatively affect our self-image.

Did you know that loneliness is a bigger factor in increased mortality than smoking, obesity or sedentary lifestyles?

Despite the restrictions lifting in Canada and the semblance of normalcy that is expected with the reopening of our country, we know the effects of the pandemic on mental health will be with us for a while. After over a year of keeping our distance from others, some of us may have lost touch completely. Social anxiety keeps us from meeting new people and we continue to feel isolated and alone.

This month, we invite you to learn more about isolation and loneliness. Learning together can help us better understand how to cope with feelings of loneliness and challenge our limiting beliefs.

Listen to this talk on dealing with isolation and loneliness as we face new realities in the aftermath of COVID-19. Mental health professionals answer your questions on:

  • How to get back on track and build new relationships
  • How to overcome the mental health impacts of loneliness
  • Tips on how to reframe your thoughts to eliminate anxiety

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