In BCCA EBT Updates

The federal and provincial health authorities continue to ask Canadians to stay two meters apart from each other. When this isn’t possible, additional precautions such as enhanced cleaning practices need to be implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As businesses have resumed operations, many services normally available under your Extended Health and Dental plan have also become available. Based on this we have decided to conclude the financial relief provided under COVID-19 Crisis Relief Plan.

Premium/Contribution Relief

Rate Reductions

As healthcare providers have re-opened their doors, patients have felt more comfortable visiting those practitioners and have resumed accessing services. As such, effective the September 1st billing statement, the temporary rate reductions extended through the COVID-19 Crisis Relief Plan will no longer be in effect. You will notice Extended Health Care and Dental rates will revert to those communicated in your January 1, 2020 renewal package. While these financial measures are ending, many of the administrative allowances will continue.

Hour Bank Plans

Starting September the number of hours required to “pay for benefits” in our Hour Bank plans will revert back to 150 hours.

We understand this pandemic continues to evolve, and as it does we also recognize that these changes may impact access to services. We remain vigilant in monitoring the situation and will update you of changes as they arise.

If you have any questions regarding these options, please contact your client services team at We have also prepared a COVID-19 FAQ to help answer any questions regarding the administration of your plan including claims, layoffs, and resources available to your employees.

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