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The COVID-19 Crisis Relief Plan has been updated and the rate reductions listed below have been extended until July 2020.


The federal and provincial health authorities continue to ask all Canadians to stay two meters apart from each other and to stay home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They have also now indicated that starting next week, we can begin to loosen some restrictions. This means some businesses can resume operations, following the guidelines put forward by the provincial health authority. This also means select services normally available under our members’ Extended Health and Dental plan may soon be available. Based on this we have an update on the initial implementation of our COVID-19 Crisis Relief Plan. 

The COVID-19 Crisis Relief Plan is a temporary measure to help our members maintain benefits for their employees through premium/contribution relief and plan administration relief.

Premium/Contribution Relief

Rate Reductions
Effective April 1st our members will have noticed reductions to both the Extended Health and Dental rates. With physical distancing restrictions expected to loosen, and access to services expanding, effective June 1st, we are revising our COVID-19 Crisis Relief plan.

On their June statement, members will continue to notice reductions to their original Extended Health and Dental rates (as communicated in the January 1, 2020 renewal).  Rate reductions will be as follows:

  • Extended Health Care rates: 20% reduction
  • Dental rates: 35% reduction

Hour Bank Groups
For groups participating in our Hour Bank plans, the number of hours required to “pay for benefits” will continue at 75 hours per month (down from 150 hours).

We understand that during this crisis, business priorities have had to change in order to manage costs, sustain operations, and keep employees working. The construction industry has been in the fortunate position of being deemed an essential service, but that does not mean it has been business as usual. If you need to explore options beyond these rate reductions, please reach out to us.

We hope these measures continue to support our members and their teams through these trying times. As always, we continue to monitor the changing recommendations of the BC provincial health authority and will inform as things change with respect to member plans. 

If you have any questions regarding these options, please contact Client Services.

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