Employee Retirement Savings Plan

The BCCA Employee Retirement Savings Program (BCCA ERSP) provides a holistic approach to employee health and wealth, complementing the services provided by the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust (BCCAEBT).

In addition to providing employee retirement security, the BCCA ERSP is an effective tool to recruit and retain talent. The program offers support from group retirement plan experts through initial implementation to ongoing plan oversight. The team of experts supports employers with designing a retirement plan that aligns with company-specific goals and budget, while simultaneously providing great value to the employees.

Your employees benefit from low investment fees and access to financial resources from personal budgeting to investment education through the BCCA ERSP. Contributions through payroll are a convenient way to save for retirement, and on-site enrolment and education make it easy to participate and stay informed. Furthermore, the BCCA ERSP provides ongoing retirement program oversight to ensure best practices are upheld.

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Benefits for Employer

  • Stand out among your competitors, and attract and retain talent
  • Show that you care about the financial well-being of your employees and reap the productivity rewards of employees with reduced financial stress
  • Save on taxes in particular retirement vehicles
  • Create a sense of security for your employees, and belonging to your company
  • Build loyalty and improve employee engagement

Benefits for Employees

  • Convenient automatic payroll deductions
  • Tax savings
  • Free money when the employer contributes to the plan
  • Lower fees through the BCCA ERSP group purchasing power
  • Education, support, and guidance from independent professional consultants
  • Increased financial peace of mind
  • Confidence in a more financially secure future

Learn more about the ERSP

If you want to learn more about the BCCA ERSP or require any consultation on your current or prospective retirement plan, contact Westcoast Actuaries at bccaersp@wainc.ca.