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Types of Benefit Plans

Whether you have two employees or two hundred, our expert advisers work with you to determine the best plan for your needs.
And because we’re a non-profit, you can
trust that your benefit dollar is contributing directly to the betterment of your team.

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Client Satisfaction

93% of our clients reported that they were highly satisfied with their benefits and services.

Buying Power

When you join the Trust, you join the pool of 6800 plan members. Our team of specialized staff work to ensure true cost savings and rate stability.

Trustee Managed

Our benefit plans have representation from industry leaders who strive to serve construction companies.


We are dedicated advocates for you and your employees, which is why we’re able to offer minimal (often zero) rate adjustments year over year.


We are not driven by profit. In fact, we’re legally restricted from making a profit. So you can rest assured that any surplus we generate goes directly back into improving benefit plans for you and your team.


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The BCCA Employee Benefit Trust Program provides the flexibility for our company to provide a monthly premium plan to our salaried staff and to offer the Hour Bank to our hourly paid workers. And the new Medical Travel benefit is a great addition for a company like ours located outside the Lower Mainland. Plus, the plan is simple to use – I can access forms online, and the BCCA benefit consultants are always quick to respond to my questions.

– Sylvia Bryant Office Manager
Bryant Electric

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If you are experiencing a crisis, contact the FSEAP Crisis Hotline at 1-800-667-0993