Our Team is Committed to the Health and Wellness of Your Team.

Why Choose the Trust


We’re different from other insurance companies in a big way.

First, we’re a non-profit organization. As a Health and Welfare Trust our priority is you, which means that the only fees built into your rates are those to run the plan.  Any surpluses are returned to you through plan enhancements or rate reductions. Second, when you join the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust, your team joins a pool of over 6800 members. Spreading the risk over such a large number of people enables us to provide better rate consistency year-to-year. Third, our ability to analyze the unique claiming patterns of your group allows us to appropriately rate your plan. We have access to more information than most benefit providers, which helps us determine fair rates.

You might be thinking, “Why can’t the other guys do the same?

The answer is simple. They can’t perform as deep of a drill-down because, unlike us, they are not administrators of their own plan. Our role, as the Administrators of this plan, allows us the unique ability to shape the experience of our members at the employer level and employee level. As administrators of our plan, we have total control over your employees’ benefits experience and we are driven to provide the most positive health and wellness service to your team.

Also, we’re a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for?



Our Values



Outstanding service excellence, results-driven, deliver what we promise.


Passionate caring team, care for each other as we care for our clients, transparent and committed to long term relationships.


Creative, practical solutions, flexible and adaptable to change, can-do culture.


Accessible, smart delivery and teamwork, clear accountability and communication.


Client-centric solutions, empathy and wellness for our clients and their employees.


Leadership, integrity for trusted relationships, respect and openness.

Vision Statement


We are dedicated to providing innovative employee benefits solutions and consistent, exceptional customer service.

We recognize the uniqueness and value of our clients. We strive to deliver results with creativity, flexibility and integrity.

As a passionate integrated team, we care for each other and our valued clients like family.

Mission Statement


Our purpose is to be an innovative provider of employee benefits to our clients, so that they can recruit, protect and retain their talented people. We strive to deliver market-leading solutions that strengthen the health, wellness and economic well-being of our clients.

Our methodology and philosophy

Our Insurance Suppliers

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More and more, we’re seeing prospective employees who are looking for a good employee benefit package. The BCCA program, with its value and quality service, makes it easy to offer the benefits that recruit people to our company.

– Tim Doucette VP Finance,
Pacific Group of Companies

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