Virtual Therapy through AbilitiCBT Can Help Manage Depression and Anxiety

What is AbilitiCBT?

AbilitiCBT provides two services: virtual therapy and self-guided learning.

iCBT – Virtual Therapy

The virtual therapy is provided by regulated health professionals or members of a professional college/association in the province in which they practice. This internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy program can be accessed anywhere anytime – on the internet! Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT or iCBT when performed virtually) is a highly effective form of therapy. Throughout your iCBT sessions with AbilitiCBT you will learn to understand and change your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. In turn, this will help you better regulate your emotions. And it’s all done from the comfort of your phone, laptop, or tablet on your time. There are upfront costs to the virtual therapy iCBT programs. These costs are now covered under your extended health care benefits. Learn more about virtual therapy.

Self-Guided Therapy

AbilitCBT’s self-guided learning offers approachable resources to help you deal with everyday situations. They offer a wealth of knowledge and advice on how to deal with matters of work, health, life, money, family, and children/youth. Learn more about self-guided learning.

You never know who may be in need of help. Share information about AbilitiCBT with your team.