Disability Claims

If you become disabled and are unable to perform the duties of your own occupation, you should apply for Long Term Disability and Life Waiver of Premium. If your BCCA Employee Benefit Trust plan includes Short Term Disability coverage, you should apply for this benefit immediately. If your plan does not include this benefit, you should contact your local Employment Insurance (EI) office to inquire and apply for EI Disability benefits.

Note: provided you qualify for Long Term Disability benefits, benefit payments will not begin until the Elimination Period (waiting period) under your particular plan has been satisfied.


For all claims of this nature, please contact your Benefits Administrator at your place of employment as soon as possible. Instructions will be provided at that time, including the necessary claim forms which will require completion.

Your Benefits Administrator will forward these forms to the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust office, from where it will be forwarded to the insurer for processing.

Note: to maintain confidentiality of medical information, please return any forms with medically related information to your Benefits Administrator in a sealed envelope. Your Benefits Administrator/Employer does not have to see this information.


Claims must be submitted six to eight weeks before the end of the Elimination Period (for Long Term Disability) and as soon as possible after the date of disability for Short Term Disability claims (refer to your benefit summary for the applicable elimination periods for both Long and Short Term Disability benefits).

If you are eligible for Worker’s Compensation (WCB) Benefits, you will receive a Worker’s Compensation claim form from your physician. However, you should still apply for Long Term Disability benefits as well as Life Waiver of Premium. WCB disability benefits are typically higher than what you would receive through your LTD plan and are deducted from any disability benefit you may become eligible for. However, although you may not receive payment now, if you stop receiving benefits from WCB and are still deemed to be disabled, you may still be able to claim for LTD benefits in the future. As well, the benefit premiums would be waived during the disability period if you qualify for waiver of premium. Please contact your Benefits Administrator in these situations.

Continuation of Extended Health and Dental Care benefits while disabled. Please note that under the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust plan, at the employer’s request, EHC and Dental coverage can continue for one year from the date of approval for LTD benefits for disabled employees provided premiums continue to be paid. After this one-year period, the disabled employee has 60 days to convert their EHC/Dental coverage to an individual plan if they wish. Information regarding conversion of EHC/Dental benefits is provided under the Converting Benefits for Extended Health and Dental Care section of this site.