AD&D or Voluntary AD&D Insurance Claims

In the event of accidental injury or death, you or your beneficiary should contact your plan’s Benefits Administrator as soon as possible. Then the Benefits Administrator should contact the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust office. Instructions will be provided at that time, including the necessary claim forms, which will require completion.

The insurer will also require the following documents:

  • Proof of Death – Original Provincial Death Certificate (or certified copy).
  • Newspaper clipping, if available (for AD&D claims)
  • Police Report (for AD&D claims)

Once all forms are completed by the appropriate individuals, the original forms and supporting documents should be forwarded to your Benefits Administrator. Your Benefits Administrator will forward these forms to us, BCCA Employee Benefits Trust, and we will forward them to the insurer for processing.

Please note that in some cases the insurer may request a toxicology or autopsy report to verify the cause of death.