Mental Health Resources

For Alcohol Abuse

ALAViDA supports individuals struggling with substance abuse issues. When you download their app, you will get access to prevention, detection, treatment, aftercare, and family support that’s confidential and stigma-free. Learn, regain control, and contact their specialized care team from anywhere. Read more.

For Anxiety, Depression & Stress

MindBeacon is a mental health tool that you can access from the comfort of your computer. Three programs are offered through MindBeacon: self-guided Stronger Minds, text-based therapy guided by a counsellor, and one-on-one live therapy with a therapist of your choice. Read more.

For Mental Health Assessment

Service limited to BCCA members. If you or a loved one is facing depression, anxiety, or other mental health condition, Best Doctors Mental Health Navigator can help. This free service allows you to access professional help virtually whether you are presently undiagnosed or feel your current treatment plan has been ineffective.

For Guidance

Your Employee & Family Assistance Program (FSEAP) is a confidential counselling service for you and your family. This service offers a variety of supports for mental health and work/life challenges. Read more.

If you are experiencing a crisis, contact the FSEAP Crisis Hotline at