Manage Your Mental Health with BEACON’s Digital Tools and Therapy

What is BEACON?

BEACON is a mental health tool that you can access from the comfort of your computer. Two programs are offered through BEACON: Stronger Minds and Guided Digital Therapy. 

Stronger Minds

Stronger Minds by BEACON is a digital program designed to support your mental well-being through the COVID-19 crisis. With Stronger Minds, you get day-to-day guidance from the extensive BEACON team of clinical psychologists. Learn to protect your mental wellbeing through videos, quick reads, and resilience-building activities. Encourage your team to make an account and utilize the various available resources.

Guided Digital Therapy

Guided digital therapy with BEACON is personalized one-on-one support from a registered therapist. You start off by creating an account and completing a professional assessment. From there you begin working with a certified therapist through a personalized course. This completely digital form of therapy is available whenever you are, wherever you are. Everything happens on your terms privately and securely. Print and share information about BEACON guided digital therapy with your team.

Who is it for?

Stronger Minds is free for all Canadians. That includes you and your dependents (age 16 and over). It can help you learn how to better manage symptoms of stress and anxiety through personalized modules or through guided digital therapy, However, if you wish to use the guided digital therapy, check with your benefits provider to learn if it is covered under extended health. Most benefits plans in Canada cover BEACON’s guided digital therapy as a reimbursable expense.

Every plan has different features, and though 70% of BC benefits providers cover digital therapy, there are some that are still working to adapt their plans. All our plan members covered under the BCCA Employee Benefit Trust can submit these claims for reimbursement.