How to Help Someone Stop Smoking

February 21, 2021 | FSEAP Solutions

The American Cancer Society has tips for family members supporting smokers trying to quit. Although the smoker is in charge, consider the following (among other tips):

  1. Ask the person quitting whether he or she wants you to check in with them about how they are feeling as they face withdrawal challenges.
  2. Let the person know you are available to give them encouragement.
  3. Spend time participating in healthy distractions with the person who’s quitting.
  4. Be empathic, and do not express any doubts that the smoker will succeed.
  5. Remove triggers (ashtrays, lighters, etc.).
  6. Work toward getting rid of smoke smell in everything, including clothing, rugs, and drapes.
  7. Help out with any child issues, chores, and problems that create stress for the person trying to quit.
  8. Celebrate progress and be patient with nicotine withdrawal issues like irritability.

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Resource: BC Smoking Cessation Program